The Best Third-Party Labs in the CBD and Hemp Industry –

The Best Third-Party Labs in the CBD and Hemp Industry –

In the case of CBD and other cannabis-based supplements, accountability can’t stop at the product label.

Anyone can tout their product as the best source of x cannabinoids or the best product for a certain ailment, but it takes more than a tagline and a thumbnail-sized label on the back of a tincture bottle or a pack of edibles to discern between the many, many frontrunners in this industry.

Real insight in this case comes not from polished packaging, but from a well-documented, unbiased, and thorough certificate of analysis from a third-party lab.

CBD brands keep labs accountable, labs keep CBD brands accountable, and consumer demand brings the best products to the top of the market.

In order for this three-factored engine to keep pumping away for the betterment of the industry as a whole, consumers and brands need to understand what a third-party lab is, what defines a top-tier lab, and how they can interpret and apply data passed down from these facilities.

One of the third-party laboratories we interviewed, DB Labs, even offers a communication portal that allows the public direct access to lab faculty, a feature that most other labs don’t offer.

Notable brands working with DB Labs include:

Gold-certified for more than 60 contaminants, DB Labs is the first state-approved third-party lab operating in Nevada.

In addition to offering full-panel testing that targets many specific types of mold and foreign materials (instead of just lumping them into a “foreign contaminants” category), DB Labs can provide growers and manufacturers with additional insights with plant sexing and DNA sequencing services.

We spoke with CEO Susan Bunce, Lab Director Dr. Benjamin Chew, and Benjamin Lerner, who had this to say:

What do you believe sets apart DB Labs from others?

Benjamin Lerner: Most folks know us for our strong service provided before, during, and after the reporting itself. We also have dedicated experience in this market since 2014. We have a high level of expertise in ….

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