Meet the Woman Putting Integrity Back into the Cannabis Laboratory Business

Meet the Woman Putting Integrity Back into the Cannabis Laboratory Business

If her title as president of DB Labs did not come with its own prestige, Susan Bunce has also solidified herself as a pioneer for the cannabis testing industry in Nevada. She has played an essential role in making DB Labs the most trusted and highly distinguished cannabis testing lab in Nevada. With her guidance, DB Labs has been awarded multiple medals for proficiency testing by Emerald Scientific and has decidedly met all state regulatory standards since its beginning.

Since 2014, Susan has been leading the charge as a figurehead at a majority woman-owned laboratory, and she has no plans of slowing down. Expansion is underway as she looks to build strategic partnerships within the industry. Susan took the lead in partnering with HeroGrown, which aims to provide free cannabis testing for military veterans. She has also taken the lead by working with Labware, a LIMS software giant, to develop protocols and a system for tracking cannabis through its stages of production, testing, and dispensary. It seems as the industry evolves and grows, Susan will be there, leading the efforts in patient safety and innovation. Susan has proven she has the drive to blaze a trail for the cannabis testing industry by guiding her company, DB Labs, towards greatness by building on her cornerstone ideals of honesty, service, and progress.

When speaking with Susan, her enthusiasm and positivity were electric. However, what stood out most was her sincerity when speaking about the impact that upholding high standards has on quality and safety for producers and, ultimately, the consumers. She spoke with great candor on the subject of ethics in the cannabis testing industry, which can have dangerous results when labs disregard. Her ultimate goal is to help individuals who are ailing and provide them with safe, effective, and high-quality alternatives to potentially hazardous drugs, no matter the cost required to do it right.

By maintaining a focus on ethical practice, Susan has the peace of mind that DB Labs is upholding quality assurance in all of their products. Cannabis testing labs are on the front line for consumers in a new market where potential hazards, quality standards, or data norms may be indecipherable for most buyers. Be that as it may, with products tested at DB Labs, her confidence can be shared by the consumers because, as she says, “We are the ones who can provide them with the valuable information on what specifically is in the consumable or topical that they use, so they know it’s safe for them!”

Susan is dedicated to serving the community of producers and consumers by supplying each with high-quality, safe, and unaltered products. Nevada has more stringent testing standards compared to some neighboring states, which cover a wide array of content analysis. And, Susan believes with conviction that working with regulatory groups at the state and local levels and providing honest test results are key to what has helped her company firmly cement themselves as a leading competitor in the cannabis testing industry in Nevada.

Despite the rigorous standards Susan sets for herself and DB Labs, she has her eyes fixed on the future. She aims to launch DB Labs in more states and even other countries. Her vision is not far-fetched. Since its inception, DB Labs has doubled in size, doubling its inventory of instruments and expanding its operation in size and capacity.

As Susan Bunce helps to usher in a season of growth and development for DB Labs as the most prominent cannabis testing lab in Nevada, it is apparent that her responsibility to help others and dedication to honesty will guide her. She has a clear view of the direction DB Labs is headed and plans to maintain elevated moral standards and provide high levels of service to those who rely on safe, quality products as defined by DB Labs’ rigid testing standards.