High-Quality Cannabis Testing Labs: ( https://10buds.com )

High-Quality Cannabis Testing Labs: ( https://10buds.com )

Cannabis labs are at the forefront of bringing us safe cannabis products. What kind of processes do they have in place?

Every industry has quality control measures in place that are designed to improve the customer experience. At the heart of the cannabis industry, cannabis labs are filled with scientists who are working hard to ensure the overall quality of the cannabis products that we receive on shelves. Every form of cannabis, be it strains of flower, vape pens, or edibles involves a complex scientific process to create. While many believe that the cannabis industry is one of nature, it is in truth more of a matter of science. The amount of scientific energy being put towards this industry at this point is large in size with many new products entering the market. This makes it so that there is a higher need for quality control than ever before.

While there are plenty of great labs around working to ensure that you receive high-quality products, there are a few that are known for being a cut above the rest. In the event that you see products that have been tested at any of the following labs, you can count on the quality and integrity of the products you are purchasing:

DB Labs

An independent cannabis testing lab, DB Labs has the distinction of being Las Vegas, Nevada’s very first CBD testing lab. Their professional and highly experienced staff will get your tests back to you in only 24-72 hours, and they are always willing to answer questions about their procedures. DB Labs currently offers testing and analysis of hemp, nutraceuticals, medical marijuana, CBD oil, and both isolate and distillate testing.

Steep Hill

This laboratory proudly touts the fact that it is a global leader in the cannabis testing world. You can expect that this company knows exactly what they are doing and is focused on providing quality lab results. Their testing efforts are built upon tried and tested disciplines, and they use state of the art tools to ensure that these results are accurate.

ACS LaboratoryACS prides its deep scientific team, capable of developing protocols in-house for specific client needs and offering more analysis options, with 2-5 Day Turnaround, than most industry labs. ACS earned 14 Emerald Test Badges in Spring 2019, leading the Eastern U.S., and excels as a DEA Licensed, USDA Compliant and ISO 1726 Certified laboratory.

MCR LabsMassachusetts-based MCR Labs offers safety analyses and cannabinoid and terpene potency tests to medical and recreational cannabis businesses and home-growers alike. MCR Labs’ staff of cannabis-loving professionals put to use their backgrounds in fields such as chemistry and pharmaceuticals. MCR Labs runs tests on flower, extract, concentrate, and other cannabis-infused products. Their safety analysis options include screenings for pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, and vitamin E acetate.

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