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Hemp | CBD | Kratom Analysis

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Partnering with the right laboratory for cannabis analysis can mean improved health and safety standards for your customers. Contact DB Labs today to learn about our rigorous cannabis testing procedures and highly qualified team.

Our Cannabis Testing Experience and Mission:

DB Labs is a group of high-class professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, product development, law and operations. We were the first laboratory of CBD Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand your core values and care about the cannabis industry's needs and requirements. We offer you the best services of CBD testing and Hemp testing in Las Vegas, Nevada to help manufacturers, importers, and retailers of Cannabidiol regulations. Our accredited CBD lab test delivers you the best results within just 24 to 72 hours.

Our professional doctors have years of experience in terms of testing. We make use of validated testing methods, highly sensitive and specialized equipment for CBD testing, Hemp testing, Isolate testing in Nevada, Las Vegas. We aim is to provide you the analytical testing services to meet your safety, compliance, formulation and business needs and requirements.

Our testing services:

We are known for providing you the best and different analytical testing services. This includes:

  • Analyzing Kratom:

    DB Labs analysis for Kratom is available. From analysis of Mitragyine and 7-Hydroxy-
    Mitragynine, DB Labs also analyzes heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. DB labs
    has the knowledge and experience analyzing Kratom.

  • Expert cultivator tools:

    DB Labs is pleased to offer cultivations soil & water analysis. Having a nutrient profile is
    very important throughout the season. We also offer other cultivation analyses for
    heavy metals, pesticides and microbials of soil & water.

  • Environmental Swabbing:

    Expert cultivations know collecting environmental samples in
    an aseptic manner is critical to ensuring your environment is clean and void of hidden
    contamination. DB Labs provides expert sampling techniques for your facility.

  • Hemp Testing:

    We offer a range of analytical hemp testing in Las Vegas, Nevada to evaluate the amount of potency and THC levels.

  • Isolate Testing:

    With Hemp testing, we are also known for providing you the best services of isolated testing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our main aim is to help you to find the purest form of CBD. Isolate is a type of material that is used to create homemade CBD products. Moreover, isolate found from cannabis but should have no THC.

  • Distillate Testing:

    DB Labs is here to provide Distillate testing analysis in Las Vegas, Nevada as well. We are always ready to help you. Our professional doctors continue to grow by developing new technology and provide the best testing results.

  • Nutraceutical Testing:

    We are independent testing laboratories that provide compliance and analytical services of Nutraceutical Testing at Las Vegas, Nevada. Our professionals are well-trained and have extensive experience in the field of testing. If you have any claim or doubt on your product then we are here and potentially able to provide you the best results.

  • Medical Marijuana Testing:

    We also offer Medical Marijuana Testing in Nevada to find out the exact level of cannabinoid, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and potency verification of botanical ingredients.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Testing:

    We are one of the best laboratories in terms of full-spectrum CBD oil testing at Las Vegas, Nevada. We express and deliver accurate THC-A, CBD, CBD-A reports. Our aim is to measure the safety and purity of all products that contain active cannabinoids.

Our main goal is to educate our clients, consumers, and regulators on the importance of accurate quality control testing for the robust and safe cannabis industry. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times and pride ourselves on efficiency from the start of your sampling experience to the reporting of your data.

Our Pillars

  • Easy to work with

    As you can tell from our online tracking system, single dashboard of results, and easy-to-work-with team.

  • Considerate of your Time

    We offer complimentary pick-up and never delay analysis delivery.

  • We are Quality

    We utilize highly specialized equipment, procedures, and an experienced team.

  • Here to help

    We are focused on making your business a success by sharing operating procedures, testing requirements, and through workshops.

  • Money Matters

    We provide monthly discounts and customer loyalty perks.




Have some Questions?

The standard level of testing required by some regulations leaves room for an uncomfortable margin of error. For some consumers, especially those with immunocompromising conditions, that potential for error could be dangerous. Our stringent testing practices ensure high-quality, cannabis products for use by all.

Depending on the matrix, or the class of cannabis product, our typical turn-around time is 24 to 72 hours.

These amounts are approximate and allow for a good representative sample:

Flower/Trim – Usable/Wet 12g                                 Edible – 1 unit or 5g

Topical – 1 unit or 2g                                    Extracts (Solvent/Non-Solvent) – 2g

The results are emailed to you when the analyses is complete. In addition, results are also available on our web portal.

Yes! Weedmaps is an important partner of ours, and is such a valuable resource for consumers. We work very closely with them to make sure the results of our clients’ tests are visible on the Weedmaps.com page if requested.

DB Labs specializes in organic, inorganic, and microbiological analyses and consulting services. Our cannabis analysis rigorously tests samples for more than 60 contaminants. In addition, we offer plant sexing and DNA sequencing service, in partnership with a cannabis genotyping laboratory. These additional services help further ensure the safety and quality of the products we test.

To schedule a pickup, you can go through our website: www.dblabslv.com and click on “Order Cannabis Test” or call us at 1-844-5-TESTIN.

An LOQ, or Limit Of Quantification, is the smallest reported concentration of an analyte that can be reliably detected.. Any concentration found in a sample below the established limit is displayed as <LOQ, meaning it was not detected. Sometimes we may find a concentrate that is between the LOQ and the established acceptable limit: in this case, the sample results are acceptable. As a cultivator or producer it is important to know if contamination exists before it is a problem, so that proactive corrective action can be taken.